Performance 13 mei 2016

When Pain and Suffering leave aside the first impression of rejection and become embroiled in a tangle of emotions, controversies, justifications, pleasure … when those give meaning to life.

Inaki Azpillaga and his selected group of performers invite the public to the presentation of a 2 weeks workshop/creation in Garage29. With live music ! 

Directed by Inaki Azpillaga
Assisted by Tijen Lawton
Live music by Kwinten Mordijck, Rodrigo Fuentealba
With Dafni Krazoudi, Idris Clate, Karolina Bergh, Matevz Dobaj, Ioulia Zacharaki, Dimitrios Mytilinaios, Una Bjorg, Lea Dubois and Mario Branca

13/05/16 OFFESTIVAL, Garage 29, Schaarbeek